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Evidential Medium and Shaman Healer, Andrea Infante

Spiritual Coaching ~ Spiritual Mentoring ~ Spiritual Messages From Beyond.

Fate Retrieval and Past Life Regression ~  Soul ~ Destiny ~ Healing Retrievals.

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I have the ability to tap into levels of awareness beyond what most people see and understand. I often explain it by saying I have a "gift to soul connect" and an able to feel beyond your personality and outer surfaces (your world as you see it now) and pick up frequencies on your path that most people do not tune into. My ability to "soul connect" allows me to receive images, and messages specifically for you and tells me what you need to know at this point in your life.

I am able to receive  information and messages by speaking to you in person, on the phone, Skype or through your photograph, even the ether and that will give you clarity and guidance on how to heal, deal and move forward in your life with more joy and satisfaction. Many clients have told me that one session with me is more effective than months of therapy. I receive information from my Intuition that is infused with Spirit.
I have given thousands of messages to people all over the world about their loved ones who have crossed over, love, business, health,  relationships and past lives. In Spirit, I bring those messages to profound evidence, sharing a healing bond for all involved and your environment.

On a coaching/mentoring level, i deliver messages that may be deeply embedded to you personally. I journey with you to seek the answers you are looking for to heal and transform your higher self. My ability to soul, fate, destiny and heal retrieval is a natural gift. I have learned from experience and from Medicine people and Masters who have taught me throughout my life. Please visit my program page for further information on discovering who you are and your search for healing.

As a Shaman Healer, my journeys and healing are joined with Spirit in connection to the Universe/Heaven, Mother Earth, Nature and the Four Winds. My love and light is sent to the community in which I reside and communities throughout the world. My Spiritual Practice lies within the Spirit, bundled in a journey of vision, messages,healing and ceremonies.

It is my deepest gratitude and love to the Infinite Universe and all her Natures, that I am able to give you the love and support you are searching for.
My education and training includes:

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Past Life Therapist.
Roosevelt University - Journalism/Psychology.
Reiki Master ~ Chakra Clearing/Healing.
Certified in Sound and Music Bio-sonic Energy Healing.

My natural gifts and teachings come from spiritual teachers and masters beyond this world and in this world that are not linked to any schooling or books, my ancestral lineage, and through my own life experience:

The natural ability as a Medium/Shaman Healer
The natural ability in Journey, Telepathy and Soul Connection.

Currently, I live in Chicago and travel throughout the USA and Abroad, sharing my gift to a well-received audience globally. My hopes and dreams are to continue to share love, unity and peace to you and yours.